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Arjuna shares some thoughts, reflections and prophecies about what should be the most significant Earth Day Celebration in its 46 years long history.

Earth Day Paris

With all the innocently blind intentions and pledges without tangible, painful consequences the treaty signed today on this 46th Earth Day in Paris by representatives of 170 nations is not a turning of the tide against a civilization-threatening runaway Climate Change overtaking it. Human induced heating of the atmosphere causing more violent super droughts, mega fires and superstorms now has a mere paper waved in its face that’s no more influential in ending the threat than the piece of paper, signed by “Herr Hitler” and clutched in the hand of then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as he came out of his airplane with a signed Munich Pact Agreement that supposedly would bring “Peace for our times.”

In fact, his overly optimistic forecast has gone down in history as one of humanity’s most notorious appeasements. The Munich Pact only slightly delayed Hitler’s world war. So on 22 April 2016 we have a new paper being flapped in our face like a pie in the sky and hope that the new tyrant – the Climate gone Fascist – will be assuaged and mollified. I regard today all these well-meaning Neville Chamberlains in Paris waving paper tigers over their heads announcing “A curtailing of global warming for our times.”

3 hurricanes

Yet there is nothing in this agreement that compels all nations to make the cuts deep enough to prevent a 2-degree Celsius rise in global mean temperatures. We are at .8 C increase now and look at the disasters overtaking the world. Look at the devastating superstorms in this “new abnormal normal.”

Recognize how the heating climate fans the flames of the Syrian and Libyan civil wars that have left two nations destroyed providing havens for spreading the most virulent brand of Jihadist terrorism yet imagined, ISIS. The Arab Spring was triggered by high bread prices across North Africa and the Middle East because of two factors directly related to runaway global warming. The first was Russia withering under a record breaking summer drought in 2010 that killed and burned off 1/5 of its grain, making it impossible to export grain for a half year to its main customers in the Middle East and North Africa. These had to buy from the US at a far higher cost. Demonstrations about sky-high food prices sweeping those regions in early 2011 was the catalyst for the Arab Spring revolutions that lead to two bloody civil wars in Libya and Syria.

Second, the Middle East was undergoing a crippling drought for years, with Syria under its worse blazing heat. That made bread prices even worse there as local farmers were seeing collapsing yields and the Russians weren’t selling because if they had their livestock and poultry industries would have collapsed.

If at an unnatural rise of .8 Celsius, we are already compromising the supersystem of food production and distribution this much, try to imagine the political instability that can come from another .5 or .8 increase? Think of what kind of end-time terror cults like ISIS might gain support and momentum in a hotter, hungrier and more politically unstable world at 1.5 degrees Celsius – the number many of these nervous Neville Chamberlains in Paris today “hope” they can achieve, because everyone accepts that 2 degrees Celsius is too high to sustain the civilization. The truth is, these idiots in power over the world have merely imagined 2 degrees is a proper limit, unmindful of the many climate scientists that do not think the civilization can be sustained at that level of heat and indeed believe we’ve probably already done enough damage not to be able to curtail the heat rising beyond 2 degrees Celsius even now.

So what has been the world leaders’ response? This most idiotic of climate change agreements, this new “Munich Pact” of Climate Change, in Paris, signed today, soon to be ratified without any legally binding teeth. This agreement is a fantasy that leaders are buying into. Now the countries will get together and make up their own plans to reduce fossil fuel emission and if they don’t achieve it, or even do it, there’s no bite in this treaty to nip them back into doing something substantial. It’s an honor system conspiracy shared by fools.

You cannot appease a Fascist climate change any more than you can appease Adolf Hitler and Fascist Germany. This enemy is much more formidable than the Führer and his Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe. The Fascist beast hides inside our subconscious, actually, an ancient habit of raping the natural world into submission, because we still deep down fear it and act like cave men and women, centuries after we’ve won the struggle against Nature. Earth needs gardeners and guardians of Nature now. That is our new Destiny.

This Paris Agreement is worse than all the others that failed, because it makes leaders and led alike fantasize that a treaty without consequences or legal teeth to bring stick-and-carrot incentives for curtailing fossil fuel use is somehow a better agreement than the last, because almost every country on Earth has signed onto the lie.

Peace for our times? No. It is a fantasy that will sustain an illusion of progress and if it isn’t replaced by real targets, real pain and consequence, this fantasy for our times will “end time” this civilization.

Arjuna 150 x150Arjuna (John Hogue) is author of 600 articles and 33 published books (1,170,000 copies sold) spanning 20 languages and counting and is sought-after for radio and TV talks shows. He has another 61 books in various stages of completion and has released in spring another book in the New Age/Prophecy genre at Amazon.com: Ten Predictions in 2016. Arjuna presently lives in the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island, USA and welcomes e-mails from fellow travellers. www.hogueprophecy.com. He also welcomes you to join his FB Page.

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