The young bloke in his brand new red Ferrari is streaking down the freeway from LA to Reno.

He’s doing 130 miles when he spots a figure on the side of the road way up ahead.

Thinking that a hitch-hiker should also enjoy the ride, he drops back a few gears, hits the brakes and manages to stop just alongside an old Navajo Indian with his thumb out.

As he leans across to open the door he moves off the seat, onto the floor, a bottle of Tequila in a paper bag.

The old Navajo man gets in and they take off at high speed. In silence.

After a while the old man asks:

“What’s in the paper bag?”

Thinking quickly our hero says: “Oh, that’s just a bottle of Tequila I got for my wife.”

After a long pause the old Indian replies thoughtful: “Good trade.”

Credit to Neehar

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