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A recent TV report broadcast in Hindi on August 13, 2016 by ABP News, India, asking ‘Who killed Osho?’ made headline news in the national media and was also circulated on Facebook.

The statements and questions about Osho’s leaving his body moved Veena to write the following letter.  

White clouds

I have seen a number of these stupid articles and ignored them, hoping that people would get tired of them and see some sense. Now I want to object. It is time to stop this sensationalist nonsense.

If you look at each point being made here, they are all contrived and meaningless innuendo. I am not a fan at all of the people named in this and other like articles but I know with absolute clarity that they would never have killed Osho. Steal the money, manage things hopelessly, forge wills, yes, but they would never commit murder.

My feeling is that, as Osho said, the death of an enlightened being is a huge event of deep spiritual significance and should be met with deep love, silence and respect. Osho knew it was his time to go. Nothing should interfere with the vast occasion of his death. We know so well how soft and delicate one should be around a person who is dying, and respect this mysterious space. Why should that love and respect not be shown to Osho at the climax of his life? Well-meaning doctors (maybe self-serving doctors) would have interfered with this amazing and precious happening. Allowing strangers to try and treat him or rushing him to hospital and trying to save his life, attaching him to tubes and machines, when he was absolutely ready to go, would have been massively disrespectful, and destroyed the process of his leaving the body and releasing all his enlightened energy to be absorbed by his devoted disciples.

I credit Amrito and Jayesh, no matter how much I disagree with them about most things, with being aware of and sensitive to this momentous event and not interfering with the natural process of leaving the body. Osho said many times his ship was already waiting to take him to the other shore.

Please do not sully this precious mysterious event with stupid, disrespectful, media-oriented, sensationalist RUBBISH.

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