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About a love affair with a pair of boots. Srajan sent the story shown in two e-mails.


Aug 26, 4:54 PM PDT


Hi Danner,

I see that Danner now has a store in Renton, Washington. Since I’m a 1967 graduate of Renton High School I thought you Renton people at Danner would enjoy this story.

So this is for you.

Back in the day when I went off to WSU after graduating from RHS, I needed to have a good pair of boots, boots that would get me to class but also get me out in the boonies when the opportunity arose.

As you can imagine, that led me to Danner Boot Company. Being a college student the price was steep, but then the best I figured was worth it. So I bought a pair of Danner’s.


Later, when school got to be too much and Vietnam was finally coming to a conclusion, what I most needed was that time in the boonies. So I pulled out my Danner boots. For the entire summer of 1971 I went back and forth between the Olympic mountains and my folks’ house in Renton, one week here and one week there. Pretty much every trail you could hike in the Olympics I covered all solo. Danner boots held up to the beating.

And then I moved to the Orient, leaving boots behind.

Now some 45 years later, after living primarily in the tropics or subtropics for most of that time, I’m headed back to the ‘mainland’. I haven’t worn shoes for at least the past 12 years. Hawaii just doesn’t call for them; “sleepers” work just fine. But in preparation for the move I decided to find some boots. I checked Craigslist, thrift stores, and sporting goods here on Big Island, and didn’t find much that I liked. Then, one day cruisin’ the internet, I came across Danner Boot Company. I called my wife to the computer and told her that these were the finest boots you can wear and how I used to have a pair.

So you see the desire was out there, dangling in the ethers. Then just today I went to the local recycle center, dumped my trash and looked off to the side where people, myself included, often leave items deemed worthy of use by someone else. That’s when I noticed a pair of boots. Wow, I thought, they look like good quality. Picking them up I noticed the mark – Danner. I next noticed the size – 11D. My size. I looked skyward. I looked around. I put them in my trunk and chuckling to myself, drove home.

So here they are, now all polished up. I dug out a pair of wool socks and they fit like, well like a Danner boot, perfectly. Online they are listed as “Grouse” and retail for $330.

So this is a thank you to the great Mr. Danner and all of you employees and devotees who have come along since 1932. I’ll be walking the paths of the northwest soon (once our house sells) and I am beholding to you. To you and to some kindly hunter in Hawaii who just couldn’t not give away a pair of Danners.

Chuka brah!




Aug 27, 10:52 PM PDT



I absolutely LOVE your story!! Thank you for sharing that! It amazes me how many people have had our boots and come back to them after such a long time… but none that I know of have had the amazing experience you have in getting a pair after “all those years”!

Thank you again for sharing and if you are ever in the market for a new pair, here is a 50% discount that can be used on the website or over the phone if you call in!

Promo Code: [withheld by Osho News]

I appreciate you taking the time to write and I will share that with my customer service team!


Cheryl ~ Consumer Care Specialist
Danner & Lacrosse Footwear

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