Surrounded by Water


Petra Huber’s love for water shows in these stunning photographs she took in Corfu, Greece.

000 Sunset Fisheye
008 Wave-sunset-9.11 3
010 Steinwurf er
015 Blue
060 Agios Stefanos 2
070 Arillas von oben
080 Logas Beach
100 Kanal
110 Von oben
120 Waves
125 Wellen 3
128 Waves
129 Sunset
130 Sunset Stones
140 Arillas Panorama
195 Arillas
220 Stefanos Panorama
230 Sunset 16.7.14
920 Gravia

Here in Corfu we are surrounded by water.

What I like so much about water is to see this power of nature. I feel how very small we are, not that I feel small, but I see what a small link we are in this big surrounding. My favourite time at the sea is during stormy weather. Its power can destroy but it can also bring many new things. It fascinates me.

On the other hand I also like the sea when it is calm. It gives a sense of tremendous peace. I love to sit on the shore and watch how the wavelets play with each other – it makes me feel peaceful, it grounds me and brings me back to myself. And when I stand there and look into the distance I have the impression that there are no limits – I feel so much freedom.

Petra HuberPetra was born and grew up in Munich, Germany, where she worked as a clerk for the Deutsche Post. She came to Corfu for the first time 21 years ago and since 14 years has been living here with her husband, Klaus, and their two children. Petra and Klaus are the managers of Ouranos Club and their guests are lucky to be served the organic produce grown on the farm in Avliotes where they live. Photography is Petra’s passion, as well as creativity and meditation.

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