There are always two sides to any story


Excerpt from Arjuna’s (John Hogue’s) recently released book, ‘Trump Strikes Syria: and North Korea?’

US bomber

He’s no different than most of you Americans who blindly believe whatever the US media tell you or your government tells you is “the Truth.” The most powerful man in the world may be turning into just as “useful” an idiot as you may have become, if you don’t question authority, look beyond your news outlets at what the other side says, accessed through an Internet that for now is still open to you.

You can use it to watch and read any news agency around the world and see the raw footage for yourself, unfiltered by an agenda-burdened corporate press. You can watch and read the transcripts of what leaders like Vladimir Putin and even Assad have actually said rather than what the mainstream media filters and takes out of context for your nightly viewing. Assad speaks fluent English, by the way. How many of you actually know that and have seen his interviews explaining his side of this conflict?

There are always two sides to any story and any dispute. Your government wants you to only listen to “half” the story, because they need 330 million useful “half”-wits to rush along like human lemmings from time to time when a gesture of your public support is needed to expedite their military economic aims—not yours.

In the next chapter, I will explain how the Syrian government could not have bombed that Idlib ammo dump with chemical weapons, and, that your sources for that side of the tale are actually agents of the same people who took your World Trade Towers down and killed Americans by the thousands. They aren’t your friends, and now they want you to fight, get maimed, die and squander trillions of your depleting financial treasure to spread their evil in the Middle East by taking down those who effectively prevent that from happening.

After that we’ll do another 180-degree turnabout. We’ll look at the unexpected and potentially positive strategic outcomes from President Donald’s ‘Trumped Diplomacy’.

Excerpted from Trump Strikes Syria: and North Korea?
Ch 2, A New Kind of “Useful Idiot” – Working for Deep-State War Interests

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