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Satire / Comedy

And Americans think they have problems?

African city

KENYA ?​​​​ Trying to vote to have a President

UGANDA ?​​​​ Tired of their President

SOUTH AFRICA ?​​​​ Voting to remove a President

RWANDA ?​​​​ Pretended to have voted for President

NIGERIA ?​​​​ Don’t even know the whereabouts of their President

ZIMBABWE ?​​​​ Are waiting for their President to kick the bucket

LIBERIA ?​​​​ Still not sure who is the President

SOMALIA ?​​​​ The President lives in and runs the country from Kenya

BURUNDI ?​​​​ President cannot leave the country, scared of someone else taking over

DR CONGO ?​​​​ Government says they don’t have money to conduct election of new President


Thanks to Kul Bhushan

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