Voyages — 30 October 2017

(April 2, 1931 – October 23, 2017)


Ma Anand Pujo (Hasyo’s daughter) writes from Byron Bay, Australia:

Swami Anand Hasyo was born on a Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse (of course!). He left his body rapidly and gracefully in his own bed, at home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado… as was his wont. Lovingly cared for by Nicole, Hasyo’s partner of 22 years.

Lover of his beloved Nicole, nature, the Rocky Mountains, his garden and growing dome, travel to exotic and historical places, crystals, gemstones, huge plates of food and salad, and a little bit of bread on his butter!

Drafted by the US Army at age 19 for the Korean War, Hasyo played down a significant birth defect, but fortunately, for the Army, the Army doctor didn’t, which saw him discharged immediately! Hasyo’s back would have endured anything the Army threw at him, but, being fiercely independent and unruly as a child / teenager / adult, Hasyo would never have willingly participated in ‘left, right’, as Osho called it. With regards to the birth defect, you’d never know that his spine was significantly twisted, because he wrestled with his kids and was able to work and play hard physically for most of his life.

Pre-sannyas, he once drove himself to the hospital while having a ‘heart attack’. When he arrived, he collapsed onto a hospital gurney / trolley, and as he fell, his hair piece / toupee flew off. Naturally, the attending nurse screamed! Of course, after he took sannyas in Poona in 1977, at age 46, the toupee was discarded forever. Not a good look in the Encounter group!

When giving him his name, Osho explained that ‘blissful laughter’ was required because Osho could see “seriousness around his heart, and that it would kill him.” Meeting Osho and taking sannyas was the best event in Hasyo’s life, from my perspective, because it opened his heart to a myriad of potentialities, and he was much happier!

Hasyo lived in Poona for most of the late 70s, then lived in Rajneeshpuram from the early days, and later lived in Poona 2, until Osho left his body.

Using some of his skills and knowledge of land management from University days, Hasyo created the ‘check dams’ to slow the flow of water and repair the eroded creeks on the Ranch. You may remember the largest check dam, which was Basho’s Pond at Lieh Tzu crossing, near the Townhouses. If you don’t recall the dam, you may recall the swans and ducks swimming on it. Later, Hasyo drove buses and coaches on the Ranch, including a few Share-A-Home journeys across the USA…

Before sannyas, Hasyo had a wide variety of careers as a bookstore owner, stock broker, salesman, and real estate agent. After sannyas, Hasyo introduced many people to Osho and sannyas, including myself, at age 16.

A collector of Osho’s books, he had the entire library.

A few years ago, Hasyo did Maneesha’s Death and Dying group, which prepared him for the ‘let go’ last week. Right in character, Hasyo did well to choose a short illness to make his transition to the other shore. No messing around – just do it. Or, in this case, NOT doing, but releasing…

Fly high, Daddy Hasyo!


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Sweet sweet man, you will be missed by many! Proud I could walk the path with you for many years.

Farewel,l dear traveler, may his light embrace you forever.

Glad we had the chance to work at straightening that scoliosis in your back together. I seem to remember Iyengar, the famous Poona yoga teacher, also having a go at it. It all gets straightened out in the end I’m sure. Much love to share.

Loved those check dams. They were works of art. Thank you. And we well remember your bus driving days – I always tried to niggle you into smiling! Sometimes it even worked. Now you’re driving up there without a steering wheel. Whee! Much love to you Hasyo,

Navina Waterman