Choices at the pet shop


Marlin entered a pet shop, wanting to buy a parrot.

The shop owner pointed out three identical parrots on a perch and said, “The parrot to the left costs 500 dollars.”

“Why does that parrot cost so much?” Marlin wondered aloud.

The owner replied, “Well, it knows how to use a computer.”

Marlin then pointed at the next parrot on the perch.

“That one costs 1,000 dollars because it can do everything the other parrot can do, plus it knows how to use Windows 10.”

Marlin, slightly startled, asked about the third parrot.

“That one costs 2,000 dollars.”

“And what does that one do?” asked Marlin.

The shop owner replied, “To be honest, I’ve never seen him do a thing, but the other two call him boss!”

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