The mesmerizing power of Krakatau

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During a dazzling recent eruption, Indonesia’s Krakatau volcano creates its own lightning.

Anak Krakatau (son of Krakatau) is the currently active part of the famous Krakatau (also Krakatoa) volcano, situated in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra. The video shows vulcanian / strombolian activity in October 2018, filmed from nearby Rakata Island, a remnant of the volcanic structure in existence before the devastating 1883 eruption. Probably due to a change in ash characteristics, eruptions were suddenly accompanied by numerous static discharges, also known as volcanic lightning.

In the first sequence, glowing volcanic bombs can be seen setting fire to vegetation and causes large splashes as they fall into the sea around the Anak Krakatau Island.

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