Discovery of unknown planet in solar system


Electrifying new object found by NASA. Published on PR Washington D.C. on April 1, 2019.

Following the publication of many new space images released by NASA over the last few months (we have reported about them) that were truly awe-inspiring, here’s another really unexpected and thrilling image.

Flat planet

Scientists were able to pinpoint the present location of a flat planet close to the Kuiper Belt, approximately between Pluto and Chiron. They speculated that the curious indent at the bottom of the image must have been caused by an ancient collision by Planet X, aka Nibiru, entering from outside our solar system. It was speculated that the three round orange-coloured spheres might be vortex tunnels into another dimension.

Discovered already in February, NASA initially wanted to classify the discovery for a period of a hundred years as Top Secret (TS – highest level), because it might give too much credit to the Flat Earth Society who have been ridiculed for many years. Nevertheless, their stubborn supporters have been hanging on to their findings, trying to find more proof, which now might be at their fingertips.

As it unfolded in the last few days, it was thanks to President Trump, who had been informed in a secret military meeting about the sighting, insisting that the general public must be told the truth. He tweeted, “Huge flat planet found, it is VERY big, definitely flat – GREAT future for humanity!”


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