‘Osho’ – a poem in Hindi

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A recital by Mini of Vishal Bhardwaj’s poem ‘Osho’ in Hindi is shown in this video (English translation provided).

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Indian film director, screenwriter, producer, music composer and playback singer Vishal Bhardwaj is well-known for his work in Hindi cinema. He is the recipient of seven National Film Awards in four categories.

His first book of poetry in Hindi and English titled, Nude, ends with a poem on Osho’s vision recited by Osho lover Mini in this video. The poem captures the core message of Osho in elegant poetry to enchant and enthrall.


He says but one thing all the time
I will meet you when you are not there

Learn to see with your eyes closed
He whispers into my ears every day
A whole world lies within you
And millions thrive in it

All these people, day and night
Seem to wrangle endlessly
Too loud is the cacophony in you
How do I tell you anything?

Stop conversing with yourself
Become a witness to the noise within
You have to reach your own self
You are your own goal, be the path too

And halt not when you reach the goal
You have to go way beyond it
Whatever is left has to be annihilated
Allow everything to be lost

When you are no longer to be found in yourself
In that emptiness you will find me
Only one thing does Osho say
I shall meet you when you are not there

English translation by Sukrita Paul Kimar

Credit to Kul Bhushan

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