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It has been revealed that Bob the Tomato identifies as a vegetable. Published on Babylon Bee on November 6, 2019 (adapted).

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A fruit identifying as a vegetable

Kitchen Sink — The LGBTQ community has praised Bob the Tomato as being “stunning and brave” after it was revealed that he is actually a fruit who identifies as a vegetable.

VeggieTales was ahead of its time,” said non-binary person Pech Bonzai, LGBTQ activist and verified Twitter user with just over 500 followers. “Most kids’ shows just try to be entertaining and rely on an outdated, binary depiction of gender. But the VeggieTales writers were pioneers, willing to show a tomato publicly identifying as a vegetable despite clearly being a fruit – actually a berry!”

Other characters on the show have also been praised as fruits while presenting themselves as vegetables, including Signor Zucchini and Signora Peperoni, Madame Pumpkin, and Lord Avocado.

“A whole family of fruits going against traditional vegetable norms! How progressive is that?” said Bonzai.

Rumors from the VeggieTales set even suggest that Larry the Cucumber may be a fruit, but he has not come out of the cabinet yet.

Adapted by Osho News from original article:

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