Getting off the highway


A police officer on the highway signals a minivan full of elderly ladies being driven by an old gentleman to pull over and stop.

Police and Minivan

As they were going only 25 mph, they are holding up the traffic. So the policeman asks the driver why  he is driving  so slow.

“Well that’s the speed limit, isn’t it! There was a sign saying 25 and everything!” the old gent defends himself.

The policeman sighs, “No, sir, that’s the number of the highway you’re on. It has nothing to do with the speed limit.”

“Oh, so that’s what it means…” says the driver, looking shaky.

The officer looks at the rest of the van and notices that the old ladies are looking somewhat frozen and stiff.

“What’s up with the ladies?” he asks the driver.

“Um…” the driver scratches his head, “you see, we just got off highway 150…”

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