What can happen when you laugh in public


The following is from an actual trial in the UK.

Bus advertisement

A young woman, obviously several months pregnant, was sitting in a bus.

When she noticed a young man smiling at her, she began to feel uncomfortable due to her condition.

She got up and changed her seat yet the young man seemed more amused.

She moved again and the man laughed even harder!

They met again in court because she filed a harrassment case against him.

The young man’s defence was:

When the lady boarded the bus I couldn’t help noticing that she was pregnant. And then I saw that she sat under a movie ad which read,

Coming soon – The Creature from Hell!

I was even more amused when she moved and second time and sat under a female deodorant advertisement which read,

The love stick did the trick.

Then I completely lost it when she moved for a third time and sat down under an advertisement for tyres which read,

Dunlop Rubber would have prevented this accident.

I simply couldn’t help it.

The case was dismissed because the Judge fell off his chair, laughing!

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