A poem by Thomas Magee.

white butterfly
That blossom falling, fluttering —
Like a butterfly —
Looks alive to me.

A dance is what I see.

Shining bright white
Illuminated by sunlight
Effervescent as it sinks.

Ahh! Gone out of sight —
Taken by the wind.

Just a light puff of air,
A gentle breath of breeze
Brought this bright beauteous blossom
Bounding to its knees.

‘Such a brief yet beautiful existence’:
A fine epitaph for any grave —
For one who shows no resistance,
No inward turmoil, no outward strife —

Towards the grandiose phantasm
That is life!

And when it is time
To say goodbye,
Oh that I
Could be as graceful —

As a Blossom-Butterfly.

Thomas Magee

Thomas Magee is a gambler, poet and playwright living in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

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