All that is needed is a widespread rebelliousness


In a discourse, Osho confirms to Devageet that sannyas is a training for rebellion.

Osho in discourse

Devageet, the religions have done immense, incalculable harm to all human values, to human life, to human understanding, to human evolution. And it is time that they should all be mercilessly exposed because that will prepare the ground for the birth of my rebel, for the birth of a great rebellion against these ugly institutions. It will bring the whole of humanity into a loving relationship, without nations, without religions; but with a deep religiousness, with a great respect for life, and great gratitude for existence.

All that is needed is a widespread rebelliousness, particularly in the younger generation, because they are going to live in the future. The past should not be repeated.

You are asking, “Is sannyas a training for rebellion?” Yes, Devageet.

“Are you preparing us to be warriors, fighting for the right to be individuals in a society which labels truth as lies, and calls lies the truth?”

Yes, Devageet.

Osho, The Rebel, Ch 13, Q 3 (excerpt)


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