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Anado shows us around his beautifully decorated home, the House of the Frogs, in Mexico.

010 Anado showing us around
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930 Anado and Richard
940 Anado exit

My partner Richard and I bought our property in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in the summer of 2001. We decided to work on the house and gardens to make the house more enjoyable. We also wanted to use our home and gardens as a subtle advertisement for my artistic and landscaping skills.

After about a year people began asking if they could bring their friends out to see what we had done. We call the house Casa de Las Ranas, or the House of the Frogs, because during the renovation we kept running across embellished kitchen tiles with the image of Aztec frogs. We incorporated these tiles in the mosaics both inside and outside. I viewed these particular tiles as a metaphor for the evolution of our home from a lowly tadpole to a Frog Princess. I myself have basically been the source for most of the ideas in the “finished” showcase but Richard turns out to be a quite beatific muse. We continue to add and subtract in the process. I like to call it the Art of Sacred Placement. I view our home as a sacred entity, an altar if you will, to honor Art and the Creative Process.

We have been discovered by the World Press ( I like the acknowledgement and yet there are days when I wish we could disappear from the fanfare and just “Be…”

This whole process has certainly been a great teaching and a challenge!

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Anado is a US artist and poet, living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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