‘Feel my Love’

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Bindu’s last creation, released in 2019.

Feel my Love by BinduFeel my Love
by Bindu & Tribal Age orchestra
Vocals: Nadiya Alvind
Guitar: Bindu
Sound engineer: David Springborg – interplaymusic.dk
Released: 2019
itunes and spotify.com

In memory of Bindu, who passed away last year, his beloved Prabhato would like to present his last creation of which many of us might not be aware of – it is a pop song! Such a big jump from the music we know him for, like the precious Zenrise, or Time for Living, although recently he had released more upbeat songs like the ones included in the album, Plain Tales from Poona. But this one is of a different kind!

“Bindu wanted to do something totally different from what he had done before, nothing of the old, something upbeat, something with a WOW. As his life energy was fading, he felt he needed to create something strong, something that would climax his life,” says Prabhato, to whom the song is dedicated.

He started composing it in 2017, already with very bad eye-sight. He changed it over and over again, getting also feed-back from her, until it was perfect! As you can hear on spotify, it was a costly production, orchestra and all – and from the very start he absolutely wanted Nadiya Alvin to sing it! It shows how much of his soul he invested in this song. It had a chance to be included in the Eurovision contest, representing Denmark; just in last moment it got cancelled…

“With this song, Bindu wanted to remind everybody that to live love is first priority!” adds Prabhato.

BinduBindu, born in Copenhagen, studied anthropology at Uni before dedicating his life to music. He heard about Osho in 1977 and immediately felt called to go to Poona, where he took sannyas in the autumn of that year. He’d been a professional musician since the mid-80’s, and had released 12 CDs with various kinds of music. Bindu left his body on 19 May 2019.

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