Coffee and porridge


George and Emma decide to spend their 50th wedding anniversary at the same hotel that they had stayed in on their honeymoon.


When they arrive, they ask to have the same room as so long ago. And just as they had done 50 years previously, the next morning they call room service to bring breakfast up to their room.

They are sitting opposite to each other when Emma leans over towards her husband and says, “George, I remember when we sat at this table 50 years ago eating breakfast… but then we were completely naked!”

George replies, “Well, we can do the same now.”

So George takes off his pyjamas, Emma takes off her nightie and they sit down again to resume their breakfast.

After a while, while nibbling on a strawberry, Emma leans over and says, “George, after all these years my nipples are still hot for you!”

George replies, “I’m not surprised… one’s in your porridge and the other’s in your coffee.”


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