1000 Cr is siphoned outside India as stated and complained to Govt. Authorities by Swami Yogesh

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Sannyasins meet with Union Minister Ramdas Athawale, reports Mahendra Bansal in News Patrolling. Published on September 27, 2021.

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Resolving Ashram management issue on occasion of 51st anniversary of Osho Neo Sannyas Movement.

Mumbai.  Acharya Rajneesh Osho is world renowned spiritual guru and has followers all over the world. 21 years have passed since the death of Acharya Rajneesh and Osho. During this period, the director of his Osho Ashram in Pune has done many non-affairs in order to fulfill their financial and business needs. Besides these issues, there are other such problems that the followers of Acharya Rajneesh and Lord Osho face. The followers are not allowed to enter this Osho Ashram in Pune. The Osho Ashram has a total of 20 acres of land in Pune, of which 8 acres have been sold by the existing directors of the Osho Ashram. Osho Ashram has been renamed as Osho Resort. Osho’s followers today demanded that the government of India investigate and give justice to the Osho Ashram director who is committing major misdeeds in the name of the ashram along with hurting the feelings of Osho’s followers.

Left: Yogesh Thakker (Swami Premgeet), middle: Shri Ramdas Athavale, Union Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment

Today at the occasion of 51st anniversary of Osho Neo Sannyas Movement, the followers of Acharya Rajneesh and Lord Osho has placed several issues in front of Union Minister of State Ramdas Athavale. Various topics ranging from malpractices taking place in the Osho Ashram as well as financial scams were highlighted in front of Ramdas Athavale to draw his attention to the fact that crores of rupees of revenue to the state and central government are being squandered by Osho Ashram and have been used by international/foreign business profiles.

“Our party has always provided voice to the voiceless and today also I’m here to be a voice of all the Osho followers. Our party truly believe that there is a need to get the things in place through which the Osho community could be benefited. We are here to eradicate the malpractices which the international and foreign counterparts are doing and with that I assure the Osho followers that we will request the government of India to probe by having proper ED inquiry,” said Shri Ramdas Athavale, Union Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment.

“The Osho devotees are suffering due to the misconduct being carried out in the ashram. Osho’s followers are being banned from entering the ashram, while the Ashram management is stealing crores of revenue and sending money abroad. I request to the Government of India to conduct a fast-track enquiry into the sale of land and open the Osho Ashram to devotees free of cost. The scam is such that an ED committee must be set up to scrutinize and appropriate action must be taken, as this misdeed is damaging Osho’s legacy and hurting the religious sentiments of his followers.”

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