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Ramses Shaffy mural to be restored.

Shaffy mural

The singer Swami Ramses Shaffy spent the last years of his life in the nursing home Dr Sarphatihuis on Roetersstraat in Amsterdam. Soon after his death in 2009, a portrait of the singer was painted on the back of the building as a tribute to him. (The name of creator of the portrait is still unknown.) For many an Amsterdammer, the portrait remains a beautiful tribute to the much loved singer.

The mural has come into the news recently because it had been graffitied over again and again, and the decision has now been taken to restore it in a special way, so that in future it will no longer be possible to inflict any permanent harm to it.

Article from The Telegraaf – (in Dutch)

Ramses Shaffy with mala col
Ramses Shaffy with mala bw
Ramses at demo
Ramses on stage
Ramses with the Queen of the Netherlands

In the last photo Ramses Shaffy is photographed with the Queen of the Netherlands

Credit to Gyanam
Article updated 11 July 2023: photo slideshow added – photos thanks to Gyanam’s archive

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