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Pranesh acquired a property in the north of Thailand and is turning it into a centre for meditation and workshops.

Pranesh spent a few weeks in Corfu last September and this was the last time I had seen him. He had stayed in Totnes, a thriving sannyas community in England, for some time but then felt to move on. He bought himself a Jeep and started travelling – in search of a ‘home’. The first place he visited was Corfu – it did not catch fire with him (as it did with me and with many others…) – so his journey continued. For a long time I did not hear from him until a message came either through skype or facebook: “I have found my place!”

This is what he sent me the other day:

“In February 2010 I found and bought this very beautiful piece of land (10 000 square meters) in the north of Thailand, south-east of the Himalayas. It has an old traditional Thai teak house on it, the inside built in colonial style. Next to it is a small old ancient Arabic pool filled with hot spring water, and two ponds with ducks and a beautiful garden. We are in a big valley surrounded by mountains, old volcanos, reason why we have the hot springs. The land is on a cliff, below is a small river were one can swim… surrounded by rice fields. A 10 minute drive by motorbike takes you to a romantic village called Pai. It is full of artists, adventurers from all over the world who offer all kinds of workshops, fasting retreats, Thai massage courses and the like – very beautiful hill tribe people.

“My plan is to build a Tibetan temple for meditation, a few Mongolian Yurts which can have multiple purposes, e.g. as group rooms for workshops. Then a second swimming pool for aqua floating, next to it a fire place for tea ceremony and overtone singing. The pool will be in a cave (the womb) similar to the cave of the old Oracle of Delphi. It would have a great acoustic for the overtone singing and other music performances. People refer to the Oracle of Delphi as ‘the navel of the world.’ ‘The womb’ can be seen as a birthplace to become humane and radiant with the quality of Buddha nature.

“I want to offer Vipassana retreats, aqua floating workshops, Tantra workshops and evening events like tea ceremonies. Some friends have expressed that they would like to share their work in the areas of dance, trauma work, massage, Mystic Rose, Tai Chi and aquatic bodywork. Other friends are coming to see and feel what part they want to take in this adventure. There is a wide variety of creativity possible. At this moment we are looking for people who can do construction work. I am very happy to share this adventure. From the moment I moved into this wonderful place the support has come from many sides.”

When asked what his vision is, this is the reply:

The Womb does not have any ideology, concept, dogma or philosophy, it is an experimental living community which is centered around love, meditation and the courage to discover your own individual truth.

The Womb is an open place which allows friends and strangers to explore their own interior, their creativity and their love for life.

The Womb can give birth to your spiritual self.

The Womb can be the place where you experience being pregnant with life and, moreover, it contains the whole journey from birth to death, from sex to love, to dissolving into the limitless.

The Womb is a place were the raw basic life energy meets the superconsciousness of the Buddha.

The Womb is a challenge to live whatever this moment is offering.

The Womb is a prayer whispered into a friend’s ear to jump into the river of life.

The Womb is an experimental living community were fun and tears live next to each other.

It is a request to become whole, contained and rooted in yourself. Here we share techniques to support this journey, here we care for the delicate balance between the female and the male energies, here the male energy is supporting the female quality’s to flower, here the focus is not of ‘what we do’ but of the quality behind the doing, here out of ‘non-doing’ doing is arising.

The Womb a mystical journey hardly visible out of the early morning mist.


The Womb Meditation Center Co. Ltd.
Pai, Mae Hong Son
North Thailand
Tel. 0066 (0)53065034, Mob. 0823400120
Skype name: the.womb
Facebook: The Womb Meditation Center

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