Osho and Nostradamus


Osho speaks on Nostradamus and the book ‘Millenium’

With reference to Arjuna’s predictions for 2011 published in Osho News which are also based on his research into Nostradamus’ quatrains, friends have asked what Osho says about Nostradamus.  Arjuna has answered in detail to a particular question from Rajesh which you can read by following this link Predictions for 2011

Osho has spoken several times about Nostradamus and while elsewhere he says that the man was crazy, typically being contradictory,  that “Nostradamus can be interpreted in any way you want. The sentences are not clear, the grammar is not correct. The words are such that you can fit them into any context you want,” he also said this:

“Just a few days ago, I was seeing one of the most significant books to be published in this century, ‘Millenium’. It is a deep research into Nostradamus and his predictions. Eighty thousand copies were published – which is very rare – and they were sold within weeks. Now a second publication, a second edition, is happening in America, another is happening in England, and the book is being translated into many other languages – Dutch, German….

Nostradamus was a great mystic with an insight into the future. And you will be surprised to know that in his predictions, I am included. Describing the teacher of the last days of the twentieth century, he gives eight indications. Krishnamurti fulfills five, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi fulfills three, Da Free John fulfills four – and I was amazed that I fulfill all eight.

In this book ‘Millenium’, they have made a chart of the teacher about whom Nostradamus is predicting – that his people will wear red clothes, that he will come from the East, that he will be arrested, that his commune will be destroyed, that flying birds will be his symbol, that his name will mean moon…. Three hundred years ago that man was seeing something that fits perfectly with me – my name means “the moon.” And in their chart they have declared me the teacher of the last part of the twentieth century.”

Osho, The Golden Future, Ch 17, Q 1

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