Sundro: The Magic of Photography


A collection of splendid photographs by Sundro

I got into photography at a tender age. Prepubescent. I went around photographing everything I saw in my world. Looking back on it now, I see how much I wanted to hold onto, grasp tight, what I saw, loved, and perceived as so beautiful. Yes, I think photography is still magic, but it has also changed for me over the years, and so have my motives for doing it. Now, I like to play more with form and light. Be a collaborator. Rather than just being a witness, a gatherer, trying to pin something worthwhile on a wall.

I think there’s always been a magic that can happen with photography. And, I can’t really explain what that is, or why it happens. It transcends itself sometimes. And speaks from the divine, to the divine, without design. Without volition. Who knows how these things happen? It’s fun though, to put ourselves in its path. To play a part in, what is for me, an unknowable alchemy.

Devam Sundro

Devam Sundro studied architecture, sculpture, photography and theater lighting at college in Vermont and in the early 70’s moved to California where he did 5 intense years of therapy. He ‘met’ Osho in Copenhagen in 1979 and started a Meditation Center in southern Sweden. He moved to the Ranch in 1982 and, like many at that time, worked in Chuang Tzu and later drove a bus. After the Ranch, Sundro moved back to the Bay Area where he met Jean Klein, master of Advaita Vedanta. Sundro now lives and works in Boulder, Colorado.

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