Dominique Strauss Kahn High Risks High Stakes in Sex Escapades

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When the former IMF boss was allegedly caught literally with his pants down, the media went ballistic as this ‘scandal’ became the hottest global news

When the former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss Kahn, was allegedly caught literally with his pants down, the media went ballistic as this ‘scandal’ became the hottest global news in May 2011 as he made front page headlines on newspapers and TV channels.

Such was the public indignation at this episode that the media dug up his past sex escapades, tried him and convicted him before the due process of law. A satirical comment was that perhaps the IMF boss thought that the services of the chambermaid were part of the $3,000 he was paying for his suite per night. Such has been the media frenzy that the basic premise of the justice – a person should be considered innocent until it can be proved that he/she is guilty – has been thrown overboard.

But this is not the first – or the last – time that a sex scandal has erupted to shock the American public. In 2007, the former World Bank boss Paul Wolfowitz was forced to resign for similar sexual escapades with his Iranian mistress whom he promoted beyond her grade. The World Bank boss thought that he could bring over his mistress from the US Defence Department and promote her over other colleagues as part of his official duties.

The sex scandals reach right to the top of the American power pyramid right up to the Presidents. John F Kennedy and his secret trysts with the hottest Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe are part of modern lore. Closer to our times are the exploits of Bill Clinton with the intern Monica Lewinsky that almost got him impeached. Celebrity sportsmen like Mike Tyson and Tiger Woods also belong to this list while the parade of showbiz celebrities and the art fraternity in this activity is daunting.

In all this hullaballoo over men on the prowl, it is pertinent to note that women in positions of power are equally predatory. The Hollywood hit of 1994 ‘Disclosure’ was pretty close to reality. Its storyline: a computer specialist is sued for sexual harassment by a former lover turned boss who initiated the act forcefully, which threatens both his career and his personal life. Yes, it happens all the time.

Why do all of them appear to have uncontrollable libidos and indulge in risky and shocking behaviour? Is high testosterone the culprit? Sex specialist Dr Prakash Kothari says, “High testosterone does not necessarily lead to this type of risky behaviour. Desire by itself doesn’t lead to immediate arousal. A heady sense of power and opportunity along with a base of desire can lead to destructive, almost psychopathic behaviour, which leads to forcible sex. This compulsive desire is different from a man having numerous affairs – that’s done with consent. But interestingly, both types could have the same levels of testosterone.”

No, it’s much more than this. Deep seated mental conditionings on supressed and repressed sex are responsible as the enlightened master Osho points out. Osho says,

“The attraction for sex is the attraction to let-go. There is nothing wrong in it; it is the beginning of the search for God. And of course the beginning can begin where you are. You ARE in the body. So only in the body can the search start. It should not remain there, that’s true, but it cannot start anywhere else. You have to go rung by rung, step by step. The higher you move, the more meaningless the lower starts becoming. Not that you are against it, but because you are gaining higher ecstasies — who bothers about the lower?

“The man who is against sex is below sex. He has fallen below sex, he is obsessed with sex. His twenty-four hours will be full of sexual thoughts, fantasies, and you can watch. He will show his fantasy, his repression everywhere. You can see him walking on the road — he will not be able to walk naturally. A beautiful woman passes by, then what do you do if you are carrying great repression? Trembling comes in him. He starts looking the other way, or he escapes into a small street to avoid her. He cannot look at the woman. By looking he is showing where his interest is. But by not looking he is also showing his interest.”

Osho, I Say Unto You, Vol 3

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