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Kumud talks about Human Design and how it has affected her life and that of others

Much to my surprise, I have become interested in atomic physics and the Big Bang theory for the creation of the universe. That’s because they relate to a system that has provided me with a logical explanation of who I am (in a practical sense) and what I am doing here, or at least here to be doing – which has helped me to relax and love myself a bit more!

That system is called Human Design, and it was received in 1987 by a physicist, who describes the happening as a mystical experience where he was penetrated by a voice for seven days and seven nights. This was definitely a shock for him, since previous to this he wasn’t given to mysticism or any New Age phenomena. After the experience, he changed his name to Ra Uru Hu and began to teach the system.

Ra Uru Hu
Ra Uru Hu

As a physicist, Ra explains what happened was due to a neutrino stream that was intensified on that date (January 3, 1987) by the death of a star. Neutrinos are some of the smallest particles in the universe – trillions would fit on the head of a pin. Physics has recently shown that neutrinos have ‘mass’ and, according to this system, they stream through the universe carrying information. This neutrino ocean both programs us – hence we have an astrological ‘sun sign’ – and we program it with our vibration; we are part and parcel of this universe.

The system Ra was given is a synthesis primarily of astrology and the I Ching. The hypothesis of this system is that the position of the neutrino stream in relation to the planets at the time of our birth can be translated to the hexagrams of the I Ching. From this data, a design chart can be drawn up for each individual, which represents his or her so-called genetic makeup.

The theory of this system is that there are certain fixed mechanical aspects of ourselves about which we have no choice. Knowing about these aspects can bring a greater self-acceptance. Understanding the limitations involved in the mechanics is like receiving a very helpful operating manual for our particular vehicle.

My experience has been that what emerges is an amazingly accurate map outlining the shape and main characteristics of a person’s life. I am sharing my love for this system because I have been so stunned by the value and relevance of the information.

I discovered this system fifteen years ago, when a complete stranger sat beside me with a Human Design chart calculated from my birth date and time, and told me more about myself and the inner workings of my soul than I had even dimly glimpsed up till then. Before that I had vaguely appreciated astrology and had thought that the planets play some sort of poetic – but not especially relevant to me – part in the flow of life. I was in for quite a shock, not just to discover that the planets have immense influence in my life, but to discover that I too am significant within the cosmic scheme. I understand that my own ‘design’ is indeed needed by the universe, but that it is not the same thing as my sense of self in terms of ‘ego achievement’. The knack seems to be to enjoy the ride as a passenger in the back seat and not the driver’s seat. I think I’ve heard that somewhere before in terms of ‘choiceless awareness’!

So, being shown my specific map, the blueprint as it were for my vehicle, has been really quite helpful. Especially since shortly after my first Human Design reading I became ill, and I realized that living in harmony with my mechanics would help me get well. In my convalescence, I started to learn the details of the system and my fascination has only grown. I have given readings to many people and seen again and again that the map is stunningly accurate and resonates deeply with how people already know themselves from within. Certainly, seeing and hearing about my own design has set me on a path of least resistance!

Kumud's chart
Kumud's chart

The Human Design charts uses a drawing called a bodygraph (see above). Each person’s design is different in the way that the various channels and centers link. Where there is a channel, there is a reliable, consistent energy. For example, when I was shown my own design, I saw that there was only one channel (most people have several channels), and that my one channel had to do with a capacity to be very discriminating and critical.

I remembered then that Osho once remarked to me something like, “You use the word but too much, it is a very destructive word.” So the information from the design helps me understand why the feeling of but comes up in me, and since I am more conscious about it, I can avoid using the word or being destructive with that energy. I can also see where that energy of discrimination can be very constructive, if used with awareness.

The information the charts provide also help us with misunderstandings about ourselves. For example, sometime a chart has what are called ‘open centers’. When that happens, the person experiences a lot of influence by others in that area of life. It may feel like the person is being unreliable, and a should might arise that, “I should be more reliable, more together, more something.”

People (like me) who have an open emotional system will be a sponge to other people’s feelings, and are often unknowingly expressing other people’s emotions. This experience is often mistakenly thought of as something that is broken or wrong and needs to be fixed. To the contrary, Human Design says that once you realize the areas where you are influenced by others, you can stop identifying with that influence. Once you realize this isn’t ‘you’, you find that because your energy isn’t fixed, you have a great capacity for vision and flexibility in that area of your life.

There is no such thing as a bad or wrong design, though there can be difficult designs. Concepts about how we think we should be get us into a lot of trouble, while accepting who we are can bring incredible results. For example, there are people whose minds work in a fixed way and there are a lot of people (including Einstein) whose minds never work the same two days in a row. Fixed minds are very reliable, open minds are also valuable, because they have access to wisdom about how minds work in general.

I have an open mind, and I have always judged myself for the wishy-washy way my mind seems to work. Now, I place more value on this somewhat ‘all over the place quality’, and recognize that it also has a richness and a depth that I can trust.

The Human Design map is really significant for the upbringing of children. Kids with some designs need to be invited and encouraged, some need the slightest prompt, but never an instruction, and some need a free rein, while being taught the value of considering others. If you know these things about a child, you can support the child’s uniqueness.

There is a three-year-old girl I know who has a strong aspect in her design of needing to be in control. She decides what to wear in the morning and even at that age is giving clear instructions all around. Her parents understand and support her, but I have talked to adults who carry this control aspect in their design, and they usually tell me how that trait was painfully unsupported in their childhood.

There is also amazing information in Human Design for understanding the mechanics within a relationship, both in terms of attraction and tension. It can be helpful in a practical way to know the designs of your partner, co-workers, and friends. There are also designs of mammals; it is possible to see what makes you and your cat click so well together.

Designs divide into energy types and non-energy types. Based on a statistical analysis done of the birth statistics in LA, Ra has estimated that only 8 percent of the population is designed to be real yang go-getters. In the understanding of Human Design, the other 92 percent of the population can never initiate or make something happen without some yin receptive energy being involved – the timing is not in our hands, or other factors, other people have to be considered.

The style of this ‘doingless doing’ varies according to how the channels configure in a chart. Unfortunately, the prevailing stereotype in Western culture is that being able to ‘make things happen’ is a mark of success. It should be no surprise, then, that there are a lot of frustrated and bitter people walking around who are not designed to operate like that, but keep trying to live from the stereotype. This large group also tends to subtly persecute the idealized 8 percent for being so presumptuous.

Knowing your energy type is probably the single most helpful piece of information that you can know about your design; it is a mechanical key of keys. Once you know how your design works mechanically, the experiment starts with testing out the validity of this information in everyday life. The Human Design theory is that if you live in sync with your design, your life will unfold as it is meant to, with a clear sense of self-fulfillment. (It may have a few bumps but they will be the right bumps.)

A friend asked me recently how this system offers transformation. Well, I think it helps you love and accept yourself. In my experience, this system honors each person’s unique place within the totality.

Readings tend to show that the majority of us are living the ‘not-self’, or spending our energy trying to be what we’re not. This might help explain why the planet is in such a mess. When we live the ‘not-self’, this means we are deeply invested in stereotyped conditioned self-concepts, and, in a way, we can’t love ourselves because we don’t know who we are. My experience with the sannyasins and other meditators who have come to me for readings is that to some extent they naturally gravitate towards their designs. A design reading gives affirmation and a new way of understanding; it adds hither to unknown mechanical dimensions which really support the spiritual journey in the aspect of ‘know thyself’.

The famous maxim from Socrates is: “Know thyself.” But it should be completed – it is incomplete. Before “Know thyself” another maxim is needed: “Be thyself”; otherwise you may know only some actor that you are pretending to be. Knowing thyself comes second; first is being thyself.

Osho, Beyond Psychology, Ch 5

This article was first published in Viha Connection
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Kumud took sannyas in 1975 and has participated and worked at various jobs in all the communes around Osho. She finally worked in the Healing Arts as a colourpuncturist. Fifteen years ago she started her training in Human Design – meeting and studying with Ra personally – and has been a Human Design analyst since 1999. She gives readings over skype and can be contacted via her website: www.humandesignwise.com

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