Prem Francesco (Francesco Cardella)


Prem Francesco Cardella died in the night 6/7th August 2011, in Nigaragua

Lakshen brought to our attention that Prem Francesco, aka Francesco Cardella, died of a heart attack over the weekend at 71, as per an article in Il Corriere della Sera.

Francesco was well known in Italy. He started his carrer as a journalist with Telestar, a daily from Palermo (Sicily), and later published Italy’s first pornographic publications, which caused him to be arrested. After meeting Osho he founded, in 1981, together with Elisabetta and Sanatano (aka Mauro Rostagno), a sociologist and one of the founders of left-wing Lotta Continua, the Osho Meditation Centre Saman in Trapani. This became later a ground-breaking therapeutic community for young drug addicts.

Francesco moved to Nicaragua when, in 1988, Rostagno was killed and he was suspected of being involved in the murder. Francesco remained abroad where he had founded a new family, even after the ‘boss’ Vincenzo Virga was jailed, in 2009, for being the instigator of the crime.


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My friend Francesco, you are in my heart. I am sad, he was my friend.
Adel Brahim

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