One Year of Osho News

Letters / Notes

Osho News is celebrating one year of its existence

A letter from the editors

Time flies! Just realised the other day that summer is almost over and that it is soon September. September? That’s when we started Osho News last year! How shall we celebrate this? With champagne for sure – and also with a new web design!

The initial design had been chosen to accommodate 3 or 4 new articles each month. But with the 30+ articles per month the overview was lost (reason why at some point we saw the need to create a newsletter so that you could find your way around). With the new design you will be able to see at a glance what has been posted that month but, at the end of each month, we will continue to remind our subscribers with a newsletter to browse through our latest articles – and check the horoscope!

At this point we would like to thank all the collaborators and friends who have been sending their writings, art work and messages – as well as the sponsors whose donations are covering the hosting costs. And of course the many positive feed-backs we receive almost daily – food and fuel to keep us going.

On our advertising page you can see the graph of the many page views the site is bringing in – a good climb indeed: We had almost 250,000 views in this first year.

For our friends from the UK a special note: OSHOinUK which I have been taking care of for 7 years is now going into the caring hands of Amitabh, Islam and Nirjuna. Their intention is to promote the Osho Celebrations at Croydon Hall but might inspire them also to catapult it into new directions! Thanks mates for taking on that baby!

Stay tuned for more inspiring and thought-provoking news coming!

With love from all of us.

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