Love is our only power, silence is our only force

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Osho says there is no power which is higher than love, and there is no force which can defeat silence

After being here with you two months, I will be leaving today.

Last night I thought that since I might be away for a while it would be a good idea to clear up any problems or issues with the people in the house where I’ve been living. I was shocked to realize that there were none – that we had been living in such harmony as I have never experienced before. Nowhere else could thirty people live in one house with so little jealousy, fighting or tension.

Your miracle is happening – the new man is being created, your vision is manifesting. We will move on. We will show the world that with you the impossible happens every day.


Avirbhava, that is our whole effort, to show to the whole world that there is no need of any war, no need of any fight, no need of jealousy, no need of hate. Life is so short and love is so precious. And when you can fill your life with love, with harmony, with joy, when you can make your life a poetry unto itself…. If you miss, only you are responsible for it, nobody else.

What can happen in a small group can happen in a bigger group, can happen all over the world. It is only a question of understanding; a simple insight is needed not to be dragged down by the forces of darkness, negativity, destructiveness. Just a little alertness is needed to devote oneself to creativity, to love, to sensitivity, and to make this small life just a series of songs… that you dance in your life and that your death will be your crescendo of dance; that you live totally and you die totally with no complaint, with gratitude, with thankfulness to existence.

I don’t call the prayers that happen in synagogues and churches, and temples and mosques, real prayer. The real prayer is only one, and that is to live in such a way that you start feeling grateful towards existence, that existence has given you such an opportunity – which you had never asked for, which you never deserved. And yet you got it, and you blossomed into thousands of flowers, and you left the world with the fragrance of thankfulness.

Avirbhava, what is happening around me in different places – we want to make it a wildfire so that before the idiotic politicians of the world destroy life, we can make life so precious that nobody is ready to fight. The politicians can commit suicide with their own nuclear weapons if they want, but humanity is no longer interested in killing and being killed. And it is such a simple phenomenon, that once you have got the taste of it, you can never be the same person again.

And we are determined, against all powerful forces…. We don’t have any power. Love is our only power, silence is our only force. But I say unto you that there is no power which is higher than love, and there is no force which can defeat silence. And it is through love and silence that one comes to know truth… which is the ultimate victory of life.

I repeat: we are determined to spread the message to all nooks and corners of the world, to every intelligent person who can understand. Except this, there is no way to save this beautiful planet.

And this planet is the blessed planet, because all other planets – and there are millions of planets in the universe –  are simply dead, not even grass grows there. Nobody sits there silently doing nothing. It is all empty. Only this small earth is so fortunate that all kinds of life exist. In man it has become conscious, and in a few men it has become superconscious, and in every man it has the possibility of becoming superconsciousness. That means attaining, arriving at the very essence of truth, of immortality, of eternity.

We may not have a home, but we will go on wandering like gypsies around the world, making the whole world our home.

Home is where we are. Home is where there is love. Home is where there is harmony.

Osho, The Transmission of the Lamp, Ch 37, Q 2

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