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Tiffany art made in Germany today

The art of Tiffany was developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany towards the end of the 19th century. He revolutionised the traditional lead-based technique by using copper sheets to encase the glass, which allowed a much more intricate and delicate glass work. Moreover, he produced his own glass according to secret recipes, some of which are still unknown to this day. He used his glass for his famous lightshades and glass pictures.

His art works became famous quite quickly in his home town, New York, and finally across the whole of America. But when they were exhibited at the Paris World Exhibition in 1900 their success spread quickly across the whole of Europe and became objects of pride. His original artworks are nowadays practically unaffordable.

Modern Tiffany is a further development of his technique: it is a much more simple method and uses mass-produced glass, enabling artists without glass-making skills, just with a bit of talent and patience to create beautiful artwork with glass.

BuddhapremBuddhaprem took sannyas in the late seventies and now lives near Stuttgart, Germany working as a free artist. He also takes commissions if you ask nicely… You can read his travel story and how he met Osho in Part 1: How I found my master or how he found me – Part 2: Travels with Sadhus and Yarns of Wool –

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