Jeevan’s Health Concoction


Octogenarian even more bubbly after a cure with a (now no more secret) health concoction


This is a ‘recipe’ my doctor (Dr. Yasmine Barucha, but we all call her Yasmine) recommended for digestion and urinary infection. She has changed my health and created a new me this year, which everyone who sees me recognizes as well: I feel great at 84! So here is the ‘recipe’ and I guess it can be used in any country as the ingredients are found in Indian cooking as well.


1 tsp each of
– ground jeera (cumin)
– coriander
– one leaf of lemon grass cut in pieces

Add to 4 cups boiling water and continue to heat it until reduced to 2 cups.

On my little stove I set the timer for 28 minutes and then go back to sleep! Then I wake up when the timer rings. Pour in a glass, straining it of course, cool it and drink during the day. I think it is a magic potion that has changed my digestive system and I plan to do it for life.

Case study

A year ago I experienced severe leg pains and was unable to walk more than a few feet. I was diagnosed by an Orthopedic Doctor with the fancy name: lumbar canal stenosis. What it meant was that my spinal cord was being squeezed by the vertebrae and only an operation was the recommendation; another doctor confirmed the diagnosis.

Fortunately I had a Parsi friend who knew of another kind of doctor who just did acupressure and who was very successful in her work. I went to Yasimine and was immediately impressed by her. (She is also a Medical Doctor but only practices acupressure now.) But her ability to know about allopathic medicine as well has been most helpful.

Within six months I was walking without pain for short distances and now after a year I am completely cured. She has also helped me with the many things that happen to an 84 year old body and this concoction is one of the ways she has helped. I had suffered from urinary infections and digestion problems as well, and these are now of the past. A couple of my sannyasin friends are now being helped by her as well.

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