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Adolf Hitler’s medical records are up for auction in the USA, at Alexander Historical Auctions of Stamford, Conn., USA.

The fascination of the general public and the media with Hitler is quite baffling. After all, there has been a long line of his ilk throughout history (think Genghis Khan, Nadir Shah…) and during his lifetime – Mussolini and Stalin to name two more. However, it appears his rather short-lived yet brutal presence on our planet made a deep impact in the collective unconscious.


The latest revelations are that not only did Hitler eat marmalade for breakfast (courtesy of Britain’s National Archives), based on his medical records he also used cocaine to clear his sinuses and soothe his throat, ingested some 28 drugs at a time to relieve uncontrollable flatulence, and received injections of bull testicle extracts to bolster his libido. The records include 10 X-rays of various views of his skull, the results of several EEG tests and sketches of the inside of his nose.

Cocaine can give the user a rush of power and control. Researchers now speculate that Hitler’s cocaine use pushed him into becoming a psychopath.

In relation to that, here’s a short news flash taken from the Akashic Records:

“Adolf Hitler pushes the doorbell at the Pearly Gates of Heaven and demands to be admitted. He kicks up such a fuss that Saint Peter calls Jesus to come and deal with the situation.

“I want to come in,” cries the Fuhrer, “and I will reward you highly if you let me stay.”

“What do you mean?” asks Jesus. “You cannot possibly come in. Just look at what you did on earth!”

“Look,” says Hitler, taking Jesus to one side, “if you let me in, I will personally present you with Germany’s highest award for bravery, the Iron Cross.”

“Really?” says Jesus. “That’s a very tempting offer. Just let me make one phone call.”

So Jesus calls up God the Father. “Dad,” says Jesus, “I’ve got Adolf Hitler here at the Pearly Gates, and he wants to come in. What do you think?”

“Jesus Christ!” shouts God. “Are you kidding? The guy is a psychopath!”

“I know, Dad,” says Jesus, “but you see, he has made me this terrific offer. He wants to give me the Iron Cross!”

“The Iron Cross?” shouts God, in amazement. “You idiot! Look what happened when you got that wooden one!”

Osho, Rinzai: Master of the Irrational, Ch 6, Q 1


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