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Swami Ananda Siddhartha left his body on 13th May 2012 3:15pm.

Siddhartha was born in Vechelde, in 1936, as Heiner Maria Gartung. As an artist he took on the name of Y. Fongi (he was also a Jazz musician and a gardener) until Osho gave him the name Swami Ananda Siddhartha when he took sannyas in the mid seventies. But even before that, at the end of 1974, his own country farm was converted into a commune and it became the very first German Osho Commune, Purvodaya. There many dozens of sannyasins lived and worked together until it became too small. Then Siddhartha daringly purchased the huge castle Schloß Wolfsbrunnen, which was given the name Rajneeshstadt. It quickly filled with hundreds of sannyasin residents.

In 1995 he and other friends once again purchased a large property, the Zschachenmühle in the Thuringian Forest, some 200 miles northeast of Munich and called it Osho Stadt. A big project again where many of the buildings are still in process of being refurbished.

Siddhartha is also the author of many books on how to build a commune, on life in communes, Tantra, gardening and psychology.

He dies shortly after his 76th birthday.

Siddhartha’s body will be cremated in a private ceremony on 16th May and his Death Celebration will be on Sunday, 20th May where everybody is welcome. You can also arrive on Saturday. Contact Osho Stadt:

Osho has spoken many times of Siddhartha and presented him with one of his chairs. Here a collection of quotes – with jokes: Osho Talks to and about Siddhartha

Siddharta’s artwork:


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I haven’t laughed more about an author – loved his humor and playfulness. Although we never met physically he is my soul brother. Fly high, beloved!

…the universe is singing a song
the universe is dancing along
the universe is singing on a day like this
and it’s high time to dance
it’s high time to dance
so wake up and dance….

Thank you for reminding, beloved. Siddhartha was one of the first sannyasin I met in 1976 at Purvodaya, an amazing place at that time. Love, Love, Love…

Beloved Siddhartha, the heavens must be in joy and celebration at the sight of your Light and the Beauty of your Soul. You have been one of the most precious gifts in my life. Thanks so much for your love, your beautiful heart, your tenderness and devotion to life. Here on earth you were like a huge leafy tree that gave shade to so many… in your strength there was also vulnerability and so much playfulness… I feel so blessed to have been so close to you sharing so many adventures, laughter and love. Your smile and tenderness remain within my heart. And our journey through eternity will continue in so many different forms… Feel the embrace…

It all started for me there in Purvodaya, 1978. I did the Bodhidharma Veeresh summer group and took sannysas there. I also lived in Siddhartha’s commune RajneeshStadt. Thank you Siddhartha for your communes and for being who you are! We celebrate you!

Another one bites the dust… As a fellow traveller from his first steps into sannyas in 1975 (!), not 1973 (Purvodaya was founded in 1975), I say good-by. We have had some good times and also strong differences, but now….? It ends all, some earlier, some later. Just trolling on into the unknown…

So Osho finally took his devotee. Oh,Siddhartha, what a sannyasins you were!

I did not know you personally, but I can relate to you as Osho’s lover. Please give my love to Osho.

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