Ashvagosha from Germany


He left his body on 6th July 2012.


From Anutosh we hear that Ashvagosha left his body on Friday morning, 6th July 2012. She was the last of his friends to see him alive five hours before. Many might remember him from the Ranch. Anutosh just came to hear the previous week that, in 1982, Ashvagosha walked out of his family, left a note and moved to the Ranch! He had no contact with his family until he spoke to his brother at his hospital bed – and this for ten hours to catch up the thirty years they had not seen each other.

“He was a very loving man and for whatever reasons that he could not share his love with his own family, he sure expressed it to all who came across his path. It reminded me of when Osho said it does not matter who we love, but the loving has to continue! Love it because Love is food for our Souls!” Anutosh writes.

“When I brought a beautiful picture of Osho to put by him at his hospital bed, the nurses thought it was him! He was in and out of consciousness because of morphine and he smiled and said “No! That is not me but it is my master!” I will always remember his gorgeous smile while he remembered his master even if he was so full of morphine and so out of it!


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We haven’t had much contact for sometime but heard from a dear friend of ours that you left your body. Enjoy the adventure. We will meet again along the path.

Beloved Ashvagosha, I’m reminded of delightful belly laughs we shared – that you shared with so many! Words weren’t needed, the love of sharing our master’s energy together just taking over and makin’ those ‘Buddha bellies’ jiggle for joy! Beautiful journeys for you and thank you for inspiring let-go’s!

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