Osheanic Festival in Brasil (16 Sept – 10 Oct 2012)


An international Osho Festival in a stunning location studded with world-class group facilitators, artists and musicians.

The Osheanic center in Fortaleza, Brazil, will host one of the biggest Osho festivals in South America – and this from 16th September till 10th October 2012 – full 25 days!

The organisers are expecting participants from over 20 countries to join the Festival. Daily Osho Active Meditations, mini sessions, therapy and music events, concerts and celebrations will complement a vast variety of workshops, some run by world acclaimed groups faciliators such as Krishnanada with ‘Healing Intimacy’, Turiya with ‘Path of Love’, Svagito with ‘Family Constellation’, Homa and Mukto with ‘Tantra Consciousness’. To top it all, Meera will facilitate a painting workshop ‘Art Therapy’ and Milarepa a ‘Heart Dance’ and a ‘Music Group’.

Osheanic International is located in a tropical setting in the north-eastern part of Brazil, 5 minutes from the beach and 30-40 minutes from Fortaleza International Airport which is connected with direct flights from Lisbon and Rome. The center is surrounded by sand dunes and tropical trees. The property is 60,000 m2 with 2 spacious meditation halls, luxurious accommodation, a 25 meter-long swimming pool and plenty of room to chill out and enjoy luscious tropical nature. The climate in this part of Brazil is just perfect with warm sun and a pleasant breeze from the sea.

Osho News asked the organisers to tell us more about the center and how they had the idea to create this Festival. “Osheanic was founded and is run by friends of Osho. Last winter we travelled around the North of India. There we met with a group of friends and had lunch together in an Osho center near Rishikesh. While enjoying a veg. curry and sipping chai, we suddenly realised that it had been a real long time since we enjoyed being together and shared the energy of a buddhafield with friends.

“Out of this we decided to organise a gathering of friends from around the world at Osheanic. From this point on everything unfolded spontaneously. Many people strated to get involved. Everything happened with a sense of easiness and flow, from all sides.

“Now, a month before the Festival, the energy at Osheanic is taking momentum with a team of 20 friends from many parts of the world, all working together to set up this beautiful event. Even the three cats of Osheanic, Milo, Beijo and Batman are feeling the growing excitement. Apart from the meditation, therapy, music and art events the Festival will be a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and re-connect with old ones.”


With texts from Bhagwani at Osheanic

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