News / Updates / Events — 29 August 2012

Kul Bhushan remembers Neil Armstrong’s visit to Nairobi.

The first man to walk on the moon, the American astronaut Neil Armstrong, who died August 25, visited Nairobi soon after his adventure in space. He paid a visit to a primary school that had named a ‘House’ after him and I met him there as the Education Editor of Kenya’s newspaper, The Nation. As a present I gave him a copy of New Era, a magazine for young Kenyans. I felt it was fitting because the edition had the photo of the moon landing on the front page. He was, of course, delighted to receive it.

This memory of this humble and joyful person is ever alive!

Neil Armstrong in Nairobi

Neil Armstrong is receiving a copy of New Era from Kul Bhushan

This event is particularly dear to me because this little magazine was my break into journalism. I had persuaded my father to help me launch the magazine which then got me an admission into an advanced course in journalism run by the International Press Institute, the world body for editors. After I finished the IPI course with distinction, I was offered a full time job with the biggest national newspaper.

For me, this magazine was ‘one small step’ for journalism, ‘one big leap’ for my new career!

I might want to mention that after I had given that copy to Neil Armstrong the city education department became aware of my magazine and it became a great success.