The Urgency — 25 September 2012

Nivedano …


Be silent …
Close your eyes … and feel your body to be completely frozen.
This is the right moment to enter in your inner world.
You have to reach just below your navel,
two inches exactly below, inside.
Gather your energy and total consciousness,
and rush with a deep urgency
as if this is going to be your last moment on the earth.
Only those who have such urgency and intensity
ever reach to their center of life.
Faster and faster …
Deeper and deeper …
As you are coming closer to your center,
a great silence descends over you just like soft rain falling.
You can feel the coolness.
A little closer, and you find an explosion of light.
Your inner world becomes luminous.
A little deeper, and flowers of blissfulness,
flowers of ecstasy suddenly start showering on you.
Existence is rejoicing in your inner journey.
This is the only spiritual pilgrimage.
Just one step more
and you are standing at the very center of your being.
This is the state of a Gautam Buddha,
the space of all the buddhas.
At this moment you are no more, only the buddha is.
And the buddha has only one quality: witnessing.

Witness that you are not the body.
Witness that you are not the mind.
And witness that you are only the witness.
This pure witnessing opens all the closed doors
of existence and life, of song and dance,
of the ultimate celebration of becoming one with the cosmos.

To make this witnessing deeper,

Nivedano …


Osho signature

Relax … but continue to witness.
That is your very eternity – no beginning, no end …
infinite, inexhaustible, sacred.
This is your original face.
We in the East have symbolized Gautam Buddha’s face
as everybody’s original face – that is only a symbol.
Recognize it!
And rejoice in its recognition.

At this moment you are the most blessed people on the earth.
Everybody is concerned with the trivia,
you are trying to explore the very center of life and existence.
Other than this, there is no religiousness.
Other than this, there is no spirituality.
And this experience is absolutely individual,
it has nothing to do with the collective,
with the society, with an organized religion.
And from this opening, you can see there is no God,
there is only godliness surrounding you – all around limitless.

The height is infinite.
The depth is infinite, but you don’t find any God anywhere.
On the contrary, you start melting and disappearing.
Gautama the Buddha Auditorium has become an ocean of consciousness.
Ten thousand buddhas have joined together into one consciousness.
This is your truth, and this is the beauty of the truth,
and this is the divineness of the truth.
One who knows this center and this opening into existence, knows all.
Collect as many flowers as you can of serenity, of tranquility,
of silence, of peace, of ecstasy, of a divine drunkenness.
You have to bring all these juices of life
from the center to the surface of your day-to-day life.
You have to start living like a buddha,
with the same grace, with the same beauty, with the same truth,
with the same authenticity, with the same originality.
This opening and the experience of it will bring you a dignity
which is not ego, a pride which is not ego, but simply a joy,
simply a remembrance that you are existential, not accidental.
Hence, the possibility of celebration.
The accidental person lives in anguish, in anxiety, in angst.
The existential person lives in celebration, in love, in grace, in gratitude.
Do not forget to persuade the buddha to come with you.

These are the three steps of enlightenment.
The first step, buddha comes behind you as a shadow.
But the shadow is luminous, it has tremendous warmth,
and it surrounds you with a new fragrance, fragrance of the beyond.
The next step, the second step, you become the shadow,
buddha comes in front of you.
Your shadow goes on becoming thinner and thinner
as buddha becomes more and more solid and existential.
A moment comes and the third step happens on its own accord:
your shadow has disappeared, you are no more;
only the buddha is, only life is, only the existence is.
Hence the celebration.

Nivedano …


Come back … but come with all the glory and the splendor
of a buddha, with all the grace and silence and peace.
Sit down just for a few seconds
to remind yourself of the golden path that you have followed,
and the depth you have reached within yourself, and all the experiences.
And feel the presence of buddha behind you.
The day is not far away when the first step will turn into the second step,
and the second step will turn into the third step.
You will be no more.
And when you are no more there is dance,
there is song, there is joy, there celebration of life.
I celebrate myself, and I teach you nothing else but celebration.

Religiousness has fallen into wrong hands,
and they have made the whole world sad and miserable.
I want the world to be filled with laughter, with joy, with festivity.
The whole life, moment to moment has to be lived as a celebration.
That is the only religious life.
You have every potential and every opportunity.
Just a little relaxed effortless melting into the ocean that surrounds you –
and the dance begins.
And the dance never ends.

Okay, Maneesha?

Yes, Beloved Master.


Osho, I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here, Ch 6