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Garimo and The Meditation Resort Management Team answer Shola’s letter on October 6, 2012.

As you chose to publicly involve all of your Facebook friends and posted an open letter to the circle here, I would like to make sure that these same friends have the chance to read the reply you received. In my view this includes some important Osho understandings, and I myself have witnessed quite a few occasions where Osho asked a person to publicly apologize as part of finishing a matter once and for all. Clean and clear. And of course your freedom to act as you wish, including to ignore that invitation.

With love to you, and the reply also publicly posted below,


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Dear Shola,

Thank you for your mail confirming that you now agree with the position taken by the people who want to “save the samadhi.”

Implicit in this of course is your support for a different kind of setup from the one Osho specifically arranged before leaving the body, run by a different group of people than the ones Osho again specifically chose.

That you support a very different proposal than the one Osho has asked for is of course your freedom. When people went public with that criticism, Osho response was clear, as you know well. It was very simply that the person writes an apology in the same place they wrote their criticism, and then the matter is dropped forever, and the individual was allowed in again.

Osho was very specific about this. He made it clear that this apology was nothing to do with anyone else, but a way of finishing the issue completely for the individual concerned. With no carry over at all.

Some people responded to Osho’s instructions and wrote the apology, and whatever it was is gone forever. Others chose to respond to Osho as you have done, and have never returned.

As you make clear in your letter, this is yet another aspect of Osho’s guidance on how the meditation resort should be run that you won’t agree with.

About that, there is nothing we can do. It is Osho’s name on the gate, and he has left very clear instructions about the direction of his work, how the campus should look, the facilities he wants in place, how it should be run, how it should be financed…. As you know, Osho didn’t overlook anything of significance!

Perhaps a message from Osho to those taking care of his work might help. The context was a concern about people leaving Osho’s work and whether there was anything that should be done about it.

Osho has explained that his work is like a big tree. That we just stand by the tree and the wind will blow, and leaves will fall. And it is the nature of the mind to put its attention on the falling leaves and the nature of consciousness to put its awareness on the space created for new leaves to grow.

Osho also shared that the work of an enlightened one is in its essence a mystery school. That in that mystery people are pulled to the work at exactly the right moment in time and that they are also released at the exact right moment in time. That the mind makes reasons for its coming and for its leaving – these are not the truth.

Osho shared, with humor, that people have said that they are leaving him and his work because of too much salt in the dal.

He explains that people with some consciousness will feel gratitude for the existence of this mystery school, and will trust that they have received a great opportunity that they will carry with them.

That there is nothing wrong with them when leaving and there is nothing wrong with Osho’s proposal. And in particular, he asked that people be helped to understand this.

His guidance is that we have our attention on the new people coming, not on the people leaving. And emphasized that nothing in their living will have prepared them for this experience.In our meetings, you shared that you live in Pune and so close to the campus because the Meditation Resort is the only reason that you are in India. Reviewing our entry data it shows that, apart from the last New Year’s Eve, you came once last year, and once this.

We will continue to do our very best to support the creation of the place Osho has asked for, whether the rest of the world approves of what Osho has asked for or not.


The Meditation Resort Management Team


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