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Shola’s letter of 24 September 2012 after being banned to enter the Resort – first published in Facebook.

Osho in his bedroom

When I posted the Save Osho Pune and Samadhi group page on FB I did it with a genuine curiosity about its content, without taking any position. I simply acknowledged that some sannyasins were pursuing this issue.

For this reason I have been banned and after my second meeting with Dhyanesh and Yogendra, I found myself with a must – I had to choose and take a decision: “You have to delete that post if you want to enter this place,” is what I was told.

This has forced me to really look into the matter and so I read again and again the objectives of and I found myself agreeing with them on everything. Honestly, I feel that your behavior just helped the opponent; you really forced me to carefully watch this matter and I realized that I do agree with it. I do want an easier place where people are not banned for petty reasons; where the price can allow more people to come and to work there; I want back the beautifully crowded place that I loved, that I came here for, that deserves to be full of Osho sannyasins. This is what I want, this is what I stand for, and if the way you perceive Osho’s vision is the one that you are implementing now, I am really not interested. If my opinion did hurt anybody’s personal feelings then I apologize, it was not my intention, my intention simply was and is, to express freely my thoughts and I’ll defend my right to do so against anything and anybody.

The place is absolutely stunning and it is obvious the care and the energy spent to make and maintain this beauty, but if the counter price is mental rigidity and the privation of the possibility to express oneself, then I don’t really see the point of making arrangements with you. And everybody see that the place is empty: how many among Osho people are ready to accept and tolerate to compromise  at this basic level of lack of respect, openness of views and expression?   You have been engaging a war that exists only in your minds, other people are simply responding to a situation that you have created and that no sannyasin supports and likes. At this point I doubt your good intentions and I can see that behind your decisions and behavior there might be a plan based on power or profit, or both, nothing to do with Osho’s vision.

You have been trying to convince people that your goal is to protect Osho’s vision from some phantom brahmins that want to take hold of the place and turn it into an old-fashioned worship based ashram, but frankly this looks to me more like a poor excuse to cover any different action of yours than a real danger. Obviously I don’t know exactly what is going on in your minds and what you are really doing. I do know that this situation is creating separations and that separations never lead to anything good and I will do my best to pursue clarity and transparence, understanding and commonsense, not to fight against anyone but to help Osho place to shine again as it should.   I understood that friendly speaking and negotiating through personal meetings and letters will not be effective unless they are on your terms and conditions, like writing an apology letter and denying that something is really happening, so I wonder if I must take legal advice to safeguard my right to participate in the ashram life since I didn’t commit any “criminal” act for being banned, but only expressed my opinion, by the way in the cradle of Democracy. At this point I definitively invite you to look into the matter and not simply dismiss it.

Maybe the times are mature for a real change to happen.


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