Shivam Gitesh


…left his body on 21st November 2012

We hear from Cynthia Scotkin, his former wife: “Gitesh (David A. Scotkin) passed into the Universe after a long struggle with cancer. David was a complex and loving person, and though we were no longer married, our relationship grew and bloomed in the last three years – during which we spoke once or twice daily.

“His wish was to be cremated and I will be receiving his ashes. According to his wishes, next summer, I, along with his family, will take them to the Atlantic.

“He was the love of my life. Although I mourn his passing, I rejoice that we shared so much for so long.

She also writes, “He visited Pune twice and loved Ma Kaveesha very much.

“His creativity had hit new heights toward the end of his life…” – which brought us to publishing some of his haikus in: The Hollow Bamboo – “If anyone would like to hear his music, see his art, or read his poetry, his web site is:”

Read Cynthia Scotkin’s poem which she sent to us today: Heading Home through the Forest


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