Eyes Emit Light

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Firmly embedded in our collective subconscious is the belief that eyes are the windows to the soul.

I even remember hearing about this when I was a child and also since then it felt necessary to me that whosoever I would connect with, talk to, should lock eyes with me. From deeply looking into the eyes of the other, I got a sense of who that person was, if that person was honest or not, if there could be trust between us.

The major leap into understanding eyes happened when I faced Osho for the first time. I had never experienced anything like it, that incredible depth and – nothingness, yet at the same time infinite compassion, love, humor – inviting a glance into the universe.

Research published in the Journal of Brain Research shows that the mammalian eye actually emits light – biophotons – which contain energy and information (wave-particle complementary of light), capable of transforming our understanding of one another, and ourselves.

As explained by Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo, “The mammalian eye, through which the light of the Universe passes into the darkest recesses of the human brain, is actually an extension of the nervous system that – like a plant – grows towards the light which nourishes it. Nourishes it how? With both energy and information, which is the very dual nature of light.

The light that emanates through the “window of the soul,” the human eye, is not “imagined,” but real and these biophotons contain energy and information (wave-particle complementarity of light), capable of transforming our understanding of one another, and ourselves.


Osho looking into our eyes is an unforgettable experience indelible etched into our beings:

A look and a glance are totally different. A look is a passive thing. When I look at you, my eyes function as a window, you are mirrored, it is not a glance. A glance means that my eyes don’t function as windows, but that my eyes start functioning as a pouring of my energy into you. They are not passive; they are loaded with the master’s energy. When the look is loaded with the master’s innermost energy, then it becomes a glance. It is a very creative force. It simply goes to your very heart, like an arrow, it penetrates to your very deepest core. In a sense it is like an arrow, because it penetrates; in another sense it is like a seed – you become pregnant.

A glance is a look that makes you pregnant with the energy of the master. A glance is totally different from a look. In a glance the master travels from his own being to your center. A glance is a bridge. The master must have looked at Lieh Tzu many times in three years, but it was not a glance. And you will know the difference only when I give you a glance. Sometimes, I give you a glance – but whenever I give the glance to a certain person, only he knows; nobody else can know it. The glance has to be earned, you have to be ready for it. The look is okay, but the glance has a very intense energy in it. It is a transfer of the master’s being, his first effort to penetrate you.

Osho, The Grass Grows by Itself, Ch 2

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