108 Silent Sounds

Art Gallery

Padma paints on discarded CDs


A blissful mix of unique artworks and cyclic sounds combine to create deep relaxation with a timely message. Artist Ma Deva Padma has painted on discarded CD’s in a seemingly endless display of colour and pattern. Masood Ali Khan’s music creates resonating cycles within the viewer as Padma’s art circles around the void. At the centre there is emptiness from which all things come and to which all things return. Relax and enjoy.


PadmaDeva Padma is well-known around the globe for her Tao Oracle and the insightful and artfully rendered decks such Osho Zen Tarot and the classic Rajneesh Neo Tarot Deck. Her internationally acclaimed work includes paintings, collages, mixed media, book illustrations, and CD covers and displays a profound sense of meditation. She lives together with Ashika at their Embraceart Studio near Melbourne, Australia, where both create artwork with abandon – check out embraceart.comthetaooracle.comamazon.comglobalsuitcase.com; card decks are also available in iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


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