Voyages — 09 December 2012

Rama left his body on 8th December 2012 in Goa.

We hear from Mangala Marga and his twin brother Raghu Kondori that Rama left his body on Saturday morning 7:20 Indian time in his house in Anjuna, Goa. He died in the arms of Raghu while Mangala was holding his hands. They kept eye contact with him and they say that he left his body conciously and looked peaceful. He had been suffering from a liver cancer in its advanced stages and was in a lot of pain despite strong medication.

After dealing with formalities they prepared his body; the men washed and dressed him in white and mala and adorned his body with lots of flowers. As he had requested, his body was cremated at the burning ghats in Mapusa the same afternoon, surrounded by a few friends.

There will be a celebration for him on Friday, 14th December, 3.30-5pm, at “Bean Me Up” (0832-2273479), 1639/2 Deulvaddo, Anjuna ( Near Petrol Pump), Goa, India.

His ashes will be scattered in the river, as he had wished.

There will be a celebration for Rama Ji, on Friday 14 December

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Rama, beautiful crazy free spirit,
as I always remember you,
Garfield Place Brooklyn,
since then, looking at the pictures
you became even more and more beautiful
touched by the stars in your eyes
I cry and smile and realize:
how thrilling – we all meet again!

Deva Anando