You Are A Rare Assembly

The Urgency

“Close your eyes… Feel the body frozen, no movement.”

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Be silent…
Close your eyes…
Feel the body frozen, no movement.
Collect your consciousness inward,
close to the very center.
The deeper you go,
the more you will find the realization,
the recognition of a buddha.
In this silent moment
there are only ten thousand buddhas
sitting here.
Make this experience as deep as possible.
And keep it alive in your ordinary activities
twenty-four hours. Every action
should be a reminder that you are a buddha…
and your action is a manifestation of your nature.
Don’t act unnaturally,
don’t act artificially, don’t be a hypocrite.
Just be natural and you are a buddha.
So gather your consciousness
more deeply,
to crystallize it.


really die.
Don’t be worried what happens afterwards.
The world will continue… you don’t be worried,
just die.
As the body is lying dead,
you can enter into yourself more easily.
Unidentified with the body
you can see the open sky inside.
This is your eternity.
This is your reality.
This is it.
All else is commentary.
This experience is the only truth.
Such a beautiful silence…
Such a blissful evening…
You are the most fortunate beings
on the earth this moment.
Realize the dignity of it
and the honor of it.
Here my work is not for you to search
for the buddha,
so stop searching…
and just look within.
He is sitting there inside you.


Come back,
but not in a hurry.
Somebody may have died.
Just don’t disturb the dead.
Those who are still alive,
come back. And sit silently for a few minutes
to remind yourself of the experience
you have passed through.

You are a rare assembly.
It used to be in the past…
those days were golden,
when there were hundreds of assemblies like this…
recognizing their nature
and remembering it
in their actions and manifestations.
That golden world has disappeared.
But at least for you
this moment opens up the whole glory of being.

Okay, Maneesha?
Yes, Beloved Master.

I have put you right?
Yes, Beloved Master.

Now can we celebrate this great gathering of buddhas?
Yes, Beloved Master.

Osho, Dogen, the Zen Master: A Search and a Fulfillment, Ch 6

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