… left his body on 11th December 2012

Magdalena writes: “Anand Shakur (Markus Bart) was born in Switzerland in May 1945, and passed away in Canada in a magnificent place in Alberta. His death comes as a surprise.

“Shakur was in Poona I and worked in the silkscreen department. He lived in the Gyandip Commune in Zurich where he was in charge of the boutique and later of the vegetarian restaurant Zorba The Buddha. He also experienced the Ranch in Oregon. Everybody appreciated him.

“After he sold a fancy Polo Ralph Lauren store in Banff which he owned and managed with his sister, he lived as a recluse in a beautiful place surrounded by nature. He enjoyed his three dogs, wild horses and a grand view into the Rockies. He also used to have cats and a pig.

“He was a generous and special man with a great sense for beauty and truth. In his own way he was always a rebel and would only settle for the ‘real thing’. He was one of my best friends for over 40 years. I will miss and love him forever. May he celebrate his inner peace and freedom … free the soul and fly like a butterfly!”


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You were my trainer at Zorba the Buddha in Zurich; training me how to be a good waiter. You had a natural elegance to everything you did. You were soft with a spine what made you a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person. I feel touched by your grace that has been so much part of your life. May you be carried by it in trust and surrender.

Hey, Shakur. I was often wondering where you were. Now I know. I remember your gentle leading the Zorba the Buddha, in the Zurich commune time. Our paths did not cross after that, unfortunately. I keep you in my heart. Much love from Australia.
Preeti Helena

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