Laplanders in Winter


A little known tribe of robust people living in Lapland, a region that is part of 4 countries: Sweden, Russia, Norway and Finland.

Residents in their rented apartments in Helsinki turn off the heating system.
Laplanders plant flowers.

In case the sun still rises over the horizon, Laplanders enjoy a sunbath.

Italian cars no longer start.

Distilled water freezes.

Breath becomes visible, time to plan for a holiday in the Mediterranean.
Laplanders eat ice cream and drink cold beer.

The cat wants to join you in bed.

Time to plan for a holiday in Africa.
Laplanders go swimming.

It’s too cold to snow.

American cars no longer start.

House owners in Helsinki turn on the heating system.

Breath becomes audible.

French cars no longer start.

Politicians start feeling sorry for homeless people.

German cars no longer start.

Construction material for igloos can be cut out from breath.

The cat wants to sneak inside of your pajamas.

Japanese cars no longer start.
The Laplander curses, kicks the tire and starts his Lada.

Too cold to kiss, lips freeze up.
Lapland’s football team starts with their spring training.

Time to plan for a two-week long hot bath.
Laplanders shovel snow from their roofs.

Mercury freezes. Too cold to think.
Laplanders close their collar button.

The car wants to get into your bed.
Laplanders pull on a sweater.

Laplanders close the toilet window.

Sea lions abandon Greenland.
Laplanders exchange gloves with mittens.

Ice bears abandon the North Pole.
The University of Rovaniemi is organizing a cross-country skiing event.

Father Christmas abandons the polar circle.
Laplanders fold down the earmuffs of their fur caps.

Alcohol freezes.
Laplanders are miffed.

Helium becomes liquid.

Hell freezes over.

Absolute point zero.
No movement of elementary particles.
Laplanders admit, “Yes, it is a bit nippy, give me another schnapps…”

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