The Masses are Living in a Hypnotic State

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People are locked into thought patterns. It’s been sculpted by social engineers and reinforced by false education, drugs and adulterated food and water for decades.

If you don’t believe what I’m saying go somewhere else.

But it’s goddamn true.

Very nasty controllers are manipulating humanity and have done so for a long time. If you can’t see it yet, please keep looking. I don’t mean to blow you away with grand pronunciations, but if you’re looking around this site and others’ writings you’re apparently ready.

The way of mass control concerns techniques started millennia ago. It’s quite simple. If you’re a group of “advantaged” entities you would have an interest in farming those around you for your benefit. Oh, so benign appearing, but really with one selfish goal in mind.

Your benefit.

And everything would feed into that. The others are simply “fodder” which you’ve benignly let live and allowed to have fed. For your benefit of course, until some of them start to realize what’s happening to them.

Now look at history. Isn’t that exactly what’s happened, even if you look at the watered down version? The same controllers come out on top over and over and extol their wonderfulness to the world. “Can you believe it, the wars kept making the world more manageable for potential central control? How convenient!”



This is where we are at. A world jerked around by manipulated public opinion rather than conviction. And why no conviction? There aren’t any facts to process. There’s nothing of value to process except the vaporous crap they give us.

“What happened to the other arrested men at Sandy Hook? What happened and why with WTC building 7? Why no surveillance footage from the newly installed system at Sandy Hook or the myriad of cameras on the Pentagon on 9/11 or the Oklahoma City bombing scenes? Confiscated? Why?” Such bullshit for the ages!

Are you starting to get it? A great gulf is fixed between reality, and the projected false reality.

Which will you fall for? Or allow others to fall for?

Have a conscience. Do something.

Snap out of the hypnosis and live a true life. It’s all you really have.

And scream about it!

Love always,

Zen Gardner


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