As in ‘not reality’.


Iam Saums on the overwhelming power of the media – and a reminder to claim our own power and distinguish ourselves from societal fear, prejudice, propaganda and vanity.

Today, October 19, 2013, American Biblical scholar Joseph Atwill will be appearing before the British public for the first time to present a controversial new discovery which is bound to upset ardent believers.

Osho smiling Feat.

Q: Please will you explain to me what “the way of religion” means? I have always been so strongly against religion that I cannot imagine what it means. But, anyhow, I suppose it is the way of total aloneness. And this makes me a little uneasy. Since you gave me sannyas, I feel like I

Osho Hollow Earth Feat.

Q: Is the earth hollow? Is there an advanced civilization living there? Is there a sun at the center? Do these beings make periodic journeys through tunnels to specific places and tell the secrets? Is that where UFO’s come from?