Evolution – why only to a few monkeys?


“Creation and evolution are absolute opposites to each other,” states Osho.

You can’t believe in both. Creation simply denies any possibility of evolution. That’s the meaning of creation: God created man as man.

According to Charles Darwin, God created man never. He created monkeys; man evolved. Man does not owe his creation to God. God must have had some other idea in his mind when he created the monkey; otherwise he would have created man himself. Why go so indirectly – first create all kinds of monkeys, and then a few monkeys evolve into man?

Osho RP

Charles Darwin’s theory is only a hypothesis…. Now no prominent scientist believes in the theory of evolution, there is so much evidence against it.

Just look at the simple fact: why did only a few monkeys evolve? There are millions of monkeys still waiting to evolve. For thousands of years we have seen man as man, and in these thousands of years no other monkey jumped out of the trees and said, “Here I am, no longer a monkey – I am a man!” For these thousands of years not a single monkey has evolved into man. The whole idea seems to be fictitious.

And why did only monkeys evolve into man? Elephants are there, they have not evolved; crocodiles are there, they have not evolved; tigers are there, they have not evolved – far more intelligent people than monkeys. The elephant is very wise… And now we know that there are sea animals which perhaps have a better mind than man, far more sensitive, far more fine. They have not evolved.

If you look around the world there are millions of species of animals, birds, insects; nobody has evolved. Elephants are just elephants, as they have always been. Camels are just camels, as they have always been. It just happened to a few monkeys – becoming man? If evolution is a truth then the whole of creation must be evolving: elephants should be evolving into a better being, tigers should be evolving into a better being, perhaps non-vegetarians turning into vegetarians, camels becoming Christians.

Evolution – why only to a few monkeys? If evolution is a fact, a reality, then it should be happening all around. Trees should come out of the ground and start walking, talking. They have been standing there for millions of years – no evolution, no sign of evolution, just the same circle goes on moving. The Hindus call it the wheel of life and death. The same spokes come up, go down, come up, go down. The elephant creates, reproduces, more elephants; just the way he was produced, he produces. His children will produce elephants.

Charles Darwin’s theory has remained only a hypothesis.

[…] There are more and more anti-Darwinians – more than Darwinians – because facts and realities don’t support Darwin. Secondly, he does not understand at all that creation means once and for all. That’s what Christians believe: in six days God completed the creation.

Darwin is trying to say he did not complete it. There were possibilities of evolution open that God only began but he never ended. He left it open-ended. But this is nowhere mentioned – not in the Christian Bible nor in any other holy book of the world. Wherever God is believed to be the creator, he creates completely, entirely. And he is the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent: whatever is the best he knows and he has done it.

Evolution means that you can improve upon God – that his creation is just a primitive thing, and you have evolved out of it.

I call these people idiots for a specific reason – because they can’t see simple contradictions.

Creation and evolution cannot go together…. They are simply antagonistic to each other.

Evolution means nothing is complete, nothing will ever be complete; everything is in a process. Existence is an ongoing phenomenon. It is not that on Monday God started, and on Saturday evening he looked at what he had created and said, “Good” – just the way I say it; even where it is not needed I say it. And at least at that time, when God said it, it was not needed because there was nobody to hear it.

Monkeys cannot understand it, elephants cannot understand it, tigers cannot understand it. And man was yet to come, if Charles Darwin is correct. In fact, even if man was there… All religions believe that God created man, man is not an evolved animal; God created him – not only did he create him, he created him in his own image.

Now, do you think the monkey is the image of God? That he created the monkey in his own image?

Charles Darwin was also a very orthodox Christian. But he never thought about it, whether God created the monkey and then said, “I create you in my own image,” and thanked himself and said, “Good”; was rejoiced seeing the monkey: “I have succeeded in creating myself.” Neither Charles Darwin bothered about that, nor does his follower Alistair Hardy bother at all. They continue to remain Christians and they continue to believe in the theory of evolution. You cannot be a Christian and a believer in the theory of evolution.

Whatever God created must have been something totally different. In all these millions of years everything must have changed, if evolution is true. But they don’t see the simple contradiction.

Evolution denies God.

Let me make it absolutely clear:

Evolution denies God because evolution denies creation.

And if there is no creation there is no need of a creator.

These are simple implications. God is a hypothesis to support another hypothesis – the creation. If there is no creation there is no God, because the whole base of his existence is demolished. If evolution is the thing then one wonders whether God is evolving or not. If monkeys have become men, what has happened to God?

Sometimes such questions harass me very much; why don’t these idiots ask, “What happened to God?” Charles Darwin never asked this. If even monkeys evolved, at least God should have evolved. Nothing has been heard of that guy since that last Saturday. Sunday of course was a holiday, he rested. Then comes Monday again – but he had finished his creation already. He had put “The End” on his film on Saturday.

Now, for God, Monday cannot come. Or if it comes it will be so empty – nothing to do. The calendar will go on moving, Monday, Tuesday, for eternity. What happens to God? Religions created the idea of God and forgot all about the fact that someday somebody is going to ask what happened to him, whether he died, got lost somewhere… Religions have no answer to what happened to God.

At least evolution has not happened to God, because no religion can accept the idea of God evolving; God means perfection, absolute perfection. He is the last word – the first and the last, both alpha and omega. There is no way beyond the omega point.

And if evolution is not happening to God there will be a great discrepancy. What he has created is evolving, and God is stuck at that Saturday, four thousand and four years before Jesus Christ. It must have been the first of January, Monday, I assume – unless it was April Fool’s Day; that is another matter. Creation goes on evolving and God is stuck where he was; he remains aboriginal, primitive.

You have gone far, far away from him. And you can see it in Jewish scriptures; in the Talmud God says, “I am a very angry God, I am a very jealous God. I am not nice. I am not even your uncle” – speaking exactly in the Jewish style: “I am not your uncle.” This God is very primitive – anger?

Buddha seems to be far more evolved even though he is not a God, he is only a human being. But he seems to be far more evolved because he has no anger; he is far more evolved because he has no jealousy. And certainly he is nice. Of course, he is far better than any uncle.

God is stuck – his creation goes on evolving. Charles Darwin never bothered about that.

Osho, From Darkness to Light, Ch 11, Q 1 (excerpt)

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